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Quick Guide to Choosing the Perfect Domain Name

Choosing the domain name that generates the best impact today is not an easy task, due to the high number of nominations that are already registered or not available.

However, this is one of the most important decisions for your business since a domain that contains certain characteristics, suitable for your business, can help you attract more visitors.

Here you will find some tips for you to choose that ideal domain name for your business.

But let's start with the first.


What is a domain name?

It is a word or phrase that complements the email address of your website. The Internet is a network and each connection point is identified through a IP address.

This IP address is very complex to remember. To make things easier, domain names were created that favor quick memorization and location on the Internet.

Electronic addresses are directly related to an IP address and are made up of a domain name and an extension, for example:, where “yourdomain” is the domain name and “.com”, the extension.

The domain name is associated in most cases to the name of the company or brand. This is the most effective at the marketing level, because it allows both factors to be positioned with a single name in the minds of users.

When buying a domain, you choose both the domain name and its extension.


Tips for Choosing an Attractive Domain Name for Your Business

These are the aspects that you should take into account if you want to have an attractive domain name for your business:


1.- Choose Keywords from Your Sector

This is one of the strategic points, but also one of the most competitive and it has its reason for being. The keywords are those that are associated with search terms, that is: "running shoes", "air ticket", "used car".

These keywords are the main access point for capturing organic traffic on the network.

With them you are guaranteed not only memorization, but also, by being in the main part of the electronic address, the algorithms will be able to give more relevance to the site, because they will understand that it meets the user's need.

This is a strategy of organic positioning Very used by experts, so if you have the possibility, do not stop taking it.


2.- Use Your Brand Name

If you already have a registered trademark and you know that no one else uses it, you can choose this name to create your domain. It is the most recommended.

However, it is vitally important to check very well that there is no other brand with the same name, as this can bring you serious legal problems, which will also lead you to lose time and money.

The other drawback is that that brand name can lead the public to associate it with another company and not yours, meaning that you will also work to benefit others.

Check very well in Google or any other search engine, if that name is associated with some other brand. If so, get rid of it as soon as possible.


3.- Keep it Short and Easy to Write

This is not mandatory, but it is recommended. The human brain does not like to waste energy because it needs it to keep the vital processes of the body going.

The easier you make the person remember a term, the easier it will be to get to your business.

The other element that plays out here is the fact that users nowadays access the network from their mobile devices and there is a high probability rate that typing a long or complicated name will slip an error.

So in addition to being short, try so that that domain name does not have numbers, hyphens, or any other element that complicates typing, especially on small devices.


4.- Make it Easy to Pronounce and Associate

If a name is easy to pronounce, there is a greater chance that it will be remembered by your target audience. But on many occasions the name you want is not available, then it is possible to use another that has a small modification.

An example of this can be "anymales", "kolores", "xapatos". It is true that a letter changes but it is easier to remember when you associate “anymales with y” or “kolores with k”, than other longer names or that are not familiar phrases.


5.- First choose the .COM Extension

Domains with a “.com” extension are the easiest to associate for electronic addresses.

Many extensions have been born, but none at present achieves the positioning in the minds of users that a ".com" can have.

Although, it is also important that you get the regional domain, .cl, .ar, .uy, .br, etc, it is recommended that it be related to the .com, otherwise, if you only register the regional domain, there may be many Visitors go directly to your competition, which has the ".com" registered.

So, if you have the facility to buy this extension and you have also found a brand name that excites you and follows the recommendations, it is best to first buy the ".com" since it will help you capture all the traffic of your brand .


6.- Lean on Free Tools for Domain Name Search

There are online tools that can help you get domain names that fit your idea. Some of them are:


Lean Domain Search

It is very easy to use. It only requires you to include a keyword and it will offer you a list of options with interesting combinations that you can register as a domain for your business.


Shopify Business Name Generator

It offers you a wide variety of combinations based on a keyword. It is only necessary to include the phrase inside the text box and press the button that says "Generate names" to show you hundreds of options that you can use for your domain.



This name generator is also very simple to use. It only requires that you insert the keyword in the text box and press the "Search" or "Search" button, in this way Panabee will show you an infinite number of options so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.



7.- Buy the Domain as Fast as Possible

It may have happened to you that you have had an idea and suddenly another person approaches you to comment that they have had the same idea without any connection. The truth is that it is more common than you think.

So once you have chosen the dream name for your domain, do not hesitate to make the purchase at the moment, since if you take a little while it may be too late. Remember that in the world there are millions of entrepreneurs bidding for a domain name.

If you like to do it right now, take advantage of the unbeatable prices, the good support and the quality of the service it offers you BusinessHost. Buy your domain and give it the boost your business deserves.